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🍯 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this Festival for?
    Welcoming people of all orientations and gender identities. It is open for singles, couples and people in alternative relational structures. Couples are welcomed to join together or independently (please read more on couples below). IN TERMS OF EXPERIENCE LEVEL, WE WELCOME YOU IF: YOU EITHER: => Have previous experience in se.x-positive spaces / tantra / sacred se.xuality / consent work. OR => Have done a lot of self-development work (you can reflect on yourself) and are open-minded and at ease with nudity and your own body. IF YOU ARE NEW TO THESE KIND OF SPACES PLEASE GET IN TOUCH BEFORE BOOKING AND LET'S HAVE A CHAT.
  • Can I join if I am a "beginner"?
    FOR WHOM IS 🥛🐝 Milk'n'Honey 🍯 Festival of Conscious Eros & Temple Nourishment: ~ adults only, 21+ ~ 🍯 for those interested in what is commonly referred to as "tantra" and "neotantra" as well as "sexual energy work" and "sensuality" - also for COMPLETE BEGINNERS 🍯 for individuals open to body positivity, bodywork, and workshops involving contact with others 🍯 for those focused on self-development, able to extract insights and lessons from every "workshop" or group process 🍯 for those open to new connections, exploring their own emotions and sensuality 🍯 for individuals willing to dedicate time and participate in all activities (and in-between) completely SOBER (no alcohol, no psychedelics, no "medicines", no pills) 🍯 for those who desire/need touch, intimacy, and genuine connections with others 🍯 for couples/individuals in any kind of relationship configuration, aiming to develop the potential of their connection but also simply to spend a super enjoyable and relaxing time 🍯 and yes, also for "advanced and super advanced" individuals (if you are one, you know it, but if you don't know - you definitely aren't 🙂) - this year we will introduce workshop categories based on experience. 🍯 for those who communicate in English or are okay with the fact that some workshops will be conducted in English - MnH is an international event, with over half of the participants and the vast majority of workshop leaders coming from outside Poland. There will be workshops conducted "only in Polish" - but they will be symbolic in comparison to the rest. Here's what you can expect: sauna "dress code" - meaning nudity will be allowed in most areas (yes, there will be saunas and a lake!!!) and it's highly probable that many people will take advantage of this - if this holds you back, then this festival isn't for you. WHO Milk'n'Honey Festival IS NOT FOR: 1. for individuals seeking a "sex party" or anything similar 2. for individuals who strongly dislike or refuse to engage with their emotions 3. for individuals looking to have fun and get high using substances, or may have the audacity to appear "under the influence" despite the prohibition 4. for individuals who feel uncomfortable in spaces where nudity or intimacy may occur 5. for individuals currently experiencing severe psychological crises, difficult relational situations, or have had challenging experiences in the realm of relationships/intimacy (we discuss this further in the FAQs - this is a festival, not a therapeutic space!) 6. for individuals with strong aversions to "spirituality" and multidimensional perceptions of reality, topics related to energy (and energetics), the terms "soul" or "shamanic," as well as "ritual." Here we work extensively with the invisible and immaterial.
  • How to best prepare for this experience?
    Set an intention, clear yourself of expectations. Read the entire Our Culture page very well - maybe even twice! Read the Essentials email pack thoroughly once it arrives - it will be sent to you a at least one week before the Festival start date.Stay tuned on our platforms on fb and IG for updates. Check out the program once it's published (in May) and see which spaces attract you already. And a big ONE: arrive early! on Wednesday (gates open from 2pm) come early to settle and ground before the first set of Introductory and landing workshops at 4pm. Both Wednesday and Thursday will offer introductory workshops. Attend as many as you can before deeper dives. Take yourself for an STI/STD check-up. Let's play safe!
  • What if I am in a relationship?
    You are very welcome to join as a couple and have all the interactions only with each other or with other people. You can also at any point decide which interactions to have together and which to have with other people. Our invitation is for you to mingle with other people, especially for the softer interactions and workshops. We strongly recommend that you discuss with your partner, before the event, what your RELATIONSHIP BOUNDARIES are for this event. That is, what are you willing or not willing to witness your partner do with other people (e.g. cuddling clothes-on, kissing, cuddling clothes-off, energetic se.x, se.xual interactions without penetrative se.x, use of barriers and condoms etc etc). > If you are in (a) relationship(s) and you are coming SOLO: we do recommend for you to be in open communication with your partner(s) about this event and when appropriate discuss interaction boundaries. We promote transparency in relationships. .
  • How is this space safe?
    Nudity, touch and sexual engagements are optional and always at your own discernment. Being in your truth and owning your accurate needs and desires is always encouraged. Needs for relaxation, self-centeredness and emotional ease are addressed first before going into intimate contact with others. Together we create a safe container aligned with group agreements such as confidentiality, self-responsibility and permission to express. The space is officially held by over 23 experienced facilitators and supported by over 30 assistants and team bees. It is a space where people can dive into their process, transcend wounds and go into blissful collective realities where we get to experience new ways of being and relating. Healing of our broken selves might take forever and we take a loving-presence approach towards that. We would like to invite you to a space where we tap into the sacredness of human existence. Additionally, we offer Emotional Support space and there are beings dedicated to Emotional support. Please reach out. to them or go to the Emo Support space any time you feel in distress or overstimulated. We have zero-tolerance for hate and any forms of aggression or transgressions of people's boundaries. Anyone exposing such behaviour will be immediately expelled from the Festival ground.
  • What to bring?
    Necessary: Food container / cutlery for meals (you can also support us and purchase one on-site. Food disposables will be available at the venue, though there are 300 of us - the less waste we produce, the better!) Reusable water bottle - water is drinkable and spring quality at the venue Yoga mat / favourite pillow for sitting Sarong / pareo / light towel Extra towel (for sauna, pool etc.) Oil (for massage and other joys) - your fav or simply coconut oil Tent gear, if you chose the tent option Towel if you stay in the shared houses (they don't provide towels there but you can rent one at the reception) Optional: Costumes, out-of-the-ordinary clothing, or attributes - feel free to be anyone at this Festival! All things fun, wild, quirky, milk & honey themed, masks, wings, and hairbands are a hell yes! Special Temple dress-up - your sexy, erotic self outfit, in light, in colourful, in dark Musical instruments Blindfold Earplugs Sunhut / natural sunscreen / sunglasses Natural mosquito repellent - we are told there are no mosquitos there but you never know! Your favourite lubricant Your favourite protections (condoms etc.) Sex-toys of all forms, shapes, and sizes During our Friday night Open Space, we will have Erotic Bazarek - a place for you to offer your unique gifts to our tribe. Think of what is your erotic gift, and prepare accordingly. Cash - PLN or Euro - we have a beautiful Sex Shop Cafe on site and some facilitators will be offering their 1:1 sessions Snacks Don’t bring: Psychoactive medicine (drugs of any sort) Alcohol Perfume & strong smelling deodorants or aftershaves Pets Your own speakers Gas/grill and other fire-prone equipment
  • What does it mean that this is a sacred sex-positive Festival?
    We celebrate sexuality as a natural and healthy part of the human experience, and pleasure as an embodied energy of bliss. This festival welcomes your shameless sexual expression and your erotic playful self. There are few spaces designated for sexual interactions. Royal Jelly (Sex Positive Space) will be open 24/7. Open Space in Nectarium will be open at night times for you to play. Don’t miss checking out the Fuck for BEES space, which emanates sex magic and real donations for the support of the bees of the world. Please respect our community, and do NOT engage in explicit sexual connections in other non-designated areas or accommodation spaces (especially shared accommodation). Sacredness is being present with the entirety of your being to the moment. Healing can happen by experiencing extraordinary reality and sourcing love back into your life.
  • Will I have to be sexual or naked?
    This is a space of permission. Everything is welcomed, Nothing needs to happen. Nudity and/ or se.xual (sensual / intimate) interactions are always OPTIONAL and totally at your own discernment.​ Every moment you have an opportunity to decide which level of engagement is accurate for you. It is entirely possible and very welcomed to stay dressed throughout the whole event and still have an epic transformational time. Intimacy is a space of authentic encounter with the other (or oneself). If you so choose to you don't need to be also exposed to explicit sexuality - just skip the sex-positive spaces. There is however no way for you to not be exposed to nudity, people will choose to be naked in many spaces. So if seeing nudity is not within your comfort zone wo do not recommend this Festival for you. Being naked yourself is totally optional. Our festival ground (meaning everything behind the Festival gate) is nudity/naturist-friendly! I know, it’s a wow concept in our Polish reality. Thus, in order to respect the venue staff, just please keep “the basics” covered directly at the Eatery, where the food is served.
  • Where is the venue location?
    The venue location is secret and gets revealed to you once you buy your ticket. It's in Izery Mountains. Please check our How to Get there section on the Practicalities page for more info.
  • What is boundaries and desires work?
    We lose a lot of life-force energy fighting with ourselves by hiding what we truly want and at the same time feeling not comfortable to say ‘no’ out of fear of hurting others or fear of rejection. We work with the polarities of boundaries and desires, that is, the ability to state our ‘no’ and ability to go for what we want (ability to say a full ‘yes’), in order to find balance and integrity.
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