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🍯 About Milk'n'Honey Festival

For the second time, we invite you to the temple of serene bliss, natural sweetness, soft smile, and pleasure as a state of being. In an international tribe of 300 playful beings, we let our Eros flow in a moment of rest from the urge to heal more, grow more, become more, do more, and be more. Milk'n'Honey welcomes people of different levels of conscious sex-positive experience to expand our culture of love, power, and freedom.


Milk'n'Honey is about celebrating the feeling of ENOUGHNESS,

snuggling in the state of imperfect perfection.

Stopping to appreciate what we have already built, gone through, healed, and achieved. Celebrating all that we are and have become.

Living the feeling of wholeness, that is already ripe inside of us to be felt.

The ultimate medicine that we are all ready to give ourselves permission for.

Choosing to surrender to the delicious pleasure of life that nourishes, rejuvenates, inspires, and soothes our being.

To us, that sweet spot is the essence of conscious sexuality.

Conscious Eros - stands for connections with integrity and alignment of mind/heart/body/sex. Stands for sober encounters. For knowing which needs you are fulfilling in any specific connections. For knowing the difference between revealing your desires and making a clear request to engage. For going as deep and as far as you are fully in it and for saying goodbyes in the right moments.

Temple Nourishment - stands for feeding your skin with touch. Letting your soul drink from the encounters with the essence of others. Filling up your needs for connection, variety, friendship, lovership, and nature. Letting yourself go. Stripping off the artificial masks, and being YOU.

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