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Milk'n'Honey Festival is a unique place to experience the natural sweetness and nourishment coming from sexual liberation and erotic abundance. Our culture has a specific code of conduct that is fundamental to creating conscious sexuality magic together as a community.

conscious = 100% sober

The very basis of conscious sexuality is to be conscious = 100% sober (no alcohol, no drugs) and accept what is, exactly as it is, without substances making you do more, be more, say more, and feel more. Full consciousness is the key to feeling your actual desires, knowing the boundaries of your body, and sharing authentic vulnerability in human connection. It is an invitation to experience love, emotional empowerment, togetherness, intimacy, and Eros as our drug - it's free and healthy!

consent is sexy

Consent is what makes our space a safe playground of sexual exploration, in which we are eager to play only, if we all practice the rules of the game. Verbalizing your desires and asking for consent to make them happen can be such a turn-on! We believe in a full-bodied enthusiastic yes as a "yes" and in"no" as a full sentence. Our Support Bees will be flying around the Festival, in case you need support. Want a solid refresher? On Wednesday before the Opening Ceremony, there will be workshops on boundaries and an RBDSM talk. Attend as many #prep activities as you can if you are new to these concepts.


We celebrate sexuality as a natural and healthy part of the human experience, and pleasure as an embodied energy of bliss. This festival welcomes your shameless sexual expression and your erotic playful self. ROYAL JELLY (Sex Positive Space) will be open 24/7 and OPEN SPACE in Nectarium will be open at night times for you to play and explore. Fuck for BEES is also a sex-positive space to explore and do feel free in Saunarium. Please respect our community, and do not engage in explicit sexual connections in other non-designated areas or private spaces (especially shared accommodation).

 naturally human

We like it all natural! M'n'H is a nude-friendly / naturist festival. For hygiene reasons, please put on a sarong/pareo, if you wish to sit on our communal mattresses / pillows / chairs / carpets / sunbeds, etc. No need for make-up, artificial strong-smelling deodorants, or fragrances. Take care of your animal body with organic hygiene products and essential oils as perfumes. Respect nature in all forms - any rubbish you bring with you, take it back with you. No cigarette buds left in nature or anything else. Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking area. Compost bins will be provided for food leftovers. Bring your own plate and cuttlery from home to save the waste (the restaurant will serve food on paper biodagradable plates).

safer sex

Oh yes, we want our community to stay healthy while playing! Protect yourself and your connections from the transmission of STDs and other infections like e.g. common colds / scabies / head lice (treat anything treatable before arriving to the Festival - don't neglect funny symptoms). Talk about sexual health with your partners. Test yourself for STDs/STIs before coming to the Festival. Use protection, if this is what you need to feel safe and comfortable. Make informed decisions about sexual engagement and its consequences. 

love is love

Our culture is based on unconditional love, mutual respect and empathy. We welcome humans with open hearts of all gender identities, sexual orientations, life philosophies, races, religions and nationalities. Any aspect of discrimination, assault, violence or micro-aggressions based on stereotypes/politics is unacceptable. Unfortunately, non-human lovely beings like dogs, are not allowed this time.
Temple Pillars


Milk'n'Honey is a beautiful time to nourish your soul and body with contact, love, and togetherness. Go for what will nourish you! For some it might be a gentle stroke on the back and a listening ear, for some, it might be lovemaking in all its forms imaginable. Whatever you choose to do, we suggest - go for consciousness, presence, being slower, and doing something different than what you are used to. Here are the 6 temple pillars which are how we collectively uphold the container of the Festival and give space for magic to unfold. We would like you to hear them and integrate them well:


∞ : : Self-responsibility – you are the one to take care of your own boundaries as well as desires and needs - clearly (verbally or non-verbally) communicating them with the other. SOVEREIGNTY is a basis for healthy relationships, you are the master of your reality and your response to reality. Remember that nudity and/or sexual interactions are always optional and totally at your own discernment. Take 100% responsibility for yourself (and not 110% assuming responsibility for others and second-guessing their intent).

∞ : : Confidentiality – to remain in SOLIDARITY with your Journey brothers and sisters talk only about your own experience. Refrain from revealing other people’s experiences or identities. Building SYNERGY requires trust and confidentiality is the first building block of trust. What is done and said in this container stays in this container. This also holds true within your individual interactions. The only exception would be when you get explicit permission from somebody to share about them for a specific purpose (e.g. sharing with your partner back at home). Still, go back to sharing from 'I' as much as possible.


∞ : : Sacredness – take this experience and space as an opportunity for coming more in alignment with yourself and thus putting your heart and presence in all your actions, especially when it comes to sexuality. The generated energy of bliss and ecstasy can be used for prayer & manifestation.

∞ : : Permission – to be, feel, and love. At any moment, you may invite others for play/engagement of any benevolent sort (dance, touch, eye-gazing, sharing, sensuality, intimacy, support, etc.) - even if they are already engaged. Ask for permission to join and seek a clear verbal or non-verbal 'yes' from ALL involved. Make your request specific. At the same time, you may say 'no' to anybody at any point without explaining yourself and disengage at ANY POINT.

Give yourself permission to be fully with what comes, including resistance, tears, anger, etc. Do not take anything personally!

∞ : : Compassion - use the magical qualities of your eyes to transform your reality and the people in front of you. Perceive them with their highest potential. Knowing that nobody comes with an intention of harm and that everybody makes mistakes. If you ever feel your boundaries have been overstepped it is your responsibility to give loving feedback. Don't let yourself or anybody else leave with any grudges. Transfigure your tribe into a fully magical experience with your own inner attitude and outer honesty.

∞ : : Diversity of Love - there are different way to give and receive love. Romantic, erotic, sensual, friendship, companionship, physical, platonic, community, nature LOVE - just to name a few. Which type of love do you long for? Which type of love are you coming for? Which type of love are you abundantly able to share? Milk'n'Honey is inviting you to feel where is it that you look for love and how do you hope to fulfil it. Inviting you to open up to different way you can feel loved and share your love.

Other Considerations
Hygiene & Safer Sex Practices:
The culture of sex-positive space is to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap after touching genitals (including your own) and before moving on to engage with another person. Hand
sanitizer, condoms, and other safer sex supplies are available at the hygiene corner during Temples and workshops. Please always use your own property to sit on below your naked bum or genitals. Bring your own preferred safer sex supplies for increased comfort. A safer way to engage in any sexual encounter is to have a proper clearing and clarifying conversation with the person before going into action. This conversation could include sharing about your desires & intentions, boundaries, relationship status & boundaries, STD & sexual health status, and meaning of the interaction with any expectations of aftercare.
Emotions during the Event:
We will be offering various opportunities to receive emotional support from the team of well-experienced and super-compassionate bees <3 Also, we do encourage self-responsibility and reaching out for support is always very very welcomed.

During Temple Nights specifically:
The Temple playground offers an opportunity to research oneself by observing your own
patterns. As much as emotions are welcomed in the Temple Nights, it is not meant as a workshop or
group process space. Therefore, we ask you to be mindful about taking the attention of the whole
group for personal processes. Instead, if at any point you get triggered by anything we suggest
you stop and breathe deeper. If still needed to follow these steps: 1) shake – shake thoroughly
your whole body combined with lots of breathing for a few minutes until your state shifts - take
care of your own emotions by allowing the emotions to move in the body and dropping back to
the essence – you can do so in the designated self-care space, 2) consciously request anybody
you feel that can support you (to share, be held, release more, etc.), 3) ask for support from one
of the Support Bees or the facilitators (even if they are engaged in an activity).
​Watching i.e. Sacred Voyeurism:
There are various ways to interact with the space. One of them is watching others. The request
is that when you are watching the space you are doing so consciously and as a choice. If
observing the entirety of the space, take a stance of watching with eyes full of devotion, let your
eyes receive the beauty and transmission of bliss from others – look at people seeing in them
their highest potential and beauty (nobody likes to feel judgmental eyes on them especially
while exposing their delicate sides). If focusing on specific people, we call it sacred voyeurism.
Sacred voyeurism is a practice. Before engaging in it ask permission for watching of ALL people

If, however, you find yourself watching the space while being in contraction/freeze/
judgments or simply in your head this will not support either you or the space. Immediately,
recognize it and turn to self-care as in the above point. Moving to a self-care space might be highly
supportive. Shake shake shake. Breath, sound, and movement are your best allies.
​Relationship Boundaries:

If you are in a relationship/partnership we strongly recommend that you agree upon your relationship boundaries before arriving at the Festival, regardless of whether your partner is attending with you or not. These would include boundaries around intimacy, intimate touch, sexual engagement, safer sex practices (e.g. protection), etc. This field encourages transparency, open communication, and authentic expression of desires with integrity. If you need support to create this communication with your partner, the Festival team can provide online sessions before the Festival (extra fees apply).

​Facilitators Engagement:
Facilitators, helpers, and creators of the Event are also humans. They will play, love, and engage - including sexual interactions - adhering to the same principles and with maximum integrity, authenticity, and well-meaning. We promote and role-model empowerment of all beings and soul gift sharing from a place of power, love, grace and freedom.​​​

~ soak in erotic abundance ~

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