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Imagine a place where the whole of you is welcome, the imperfectly perfect human that you are. Where you are loveable, with your light, your darkness, and your glitter.

Where you can be courageously vulnerable and real.

Where your quirky, shameless, erotic self is cherished, loved and appreciated.


Welcome to the Temple of Milk'n'Honey

A place where BEEings of all shapes, colours, identities and orientations come to experience the natural innocence of sexual liberation and celebrate life in all of its glory.


You are invited to buzz with us in a joyful beehive of body-positive abundance at a magical Polish lakeside.

Take care of your sexual wellbeing and let Eros flow through you in conscious integrity.

Drink Milk & lick Honey from what you need and desire to nourish the temple of your BEEing.


It’s a place where you can surrender to bodily pleasures, let your heart open and your soul shine.

A place where you can fulfil your wildest fantasies, swim in the sweetness of heartfelt connections and experience how powerful your radical self-expression feels.

Unleash your authentic self and softly blossom in the supportive, loving community of BEEings rooted in compassion & collective empowerment.

Dive into the colourful temple arts and join us in creating a new culture of freedom, love, and power.

Give yourself permission for pleasure that is healing, long-lasting and healthy for your body, your heart and your soul. The pleasure of being fully alive.



Includes: entry to the site, all lush workshops, rituals, performances, music, dance journeys, lake, sauna, cacao ceremony, emotional support access, cuddle space, se..x-positive area and so much more!

Does NOT include: Food & Accommodation, 1:1 sessions or your travel


What do BEEings say about

the Milk'n'Honey Beehive?

Juicy, colourful, imaginative journey with great international and quite experienced group of people. Beautiful nature, loving presence, juicy ideas. Sweet sweet freedom.

~Basia K.


It was truly amazing and so well organized and structured! I loved the qualities of the workshops and temples! I loved the facilitators! I was not missing anything! Amazing that we also had long breaks to just chill, integrate, be, etc. It was soooo yummyyyyy! And what I also loved: your humor! OMG! Sometimes I just laughed to tears haha! You are not only fantastic organizers, facilitators but also entertainers! Big big thank you! I will come again :)


Truly a field of Milk and Honey <3 Healing of the past to bring on a more juicy, whole future



My experience at M'n'H was ascending. I arrived with a heavy, lonely heart and I left with a warm desire for life and a tribe <3 I have great respect for what you created, for what you gave birth to. I'm honored I could be part of this mission and I'd love to be there for more <3.



Congratulations! It was a successful premiere. Your engagement and enthusiasm is outstanding. Keep it on.


Thank you beautiful people for the energy we co-created ✨ I feel sooo present In my body and I hope it will stay like this forever 😹 I am really happy that such amazing spaces are opening in my home land and I wish there is more to come!


Well, fuck me running, if that wasn’t the quintessence of how I’ve imagined a joyful and pleasant lesson of exposing and articulating desires, that rarely can see the open world 🤩

Thanks queen bees for making it happen❣️

Thanks to all of you for the exchange of energies, smiles, juice and honey 😋

Still blooming with memories of da weekend :))


Thank you from the heart, I have never felt so alive and so much in the body. It was a beautiful journey, all the colours of love and emotions. Gratitude!



Join the joyful BEEhive!

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~ soak in erotic abundance ~


Temple Art

Inspired by the creative vibe that follows our production, as well as the idea of working with the life force itself, we feel highly motivated to expand the space for exhibiting and producing deliciously intimate art during Milk'n'Honey festival to capture its essence.

Donate to Fuel Temple Artists to Create Spectacular Art for the Aesthetic Pleasure of Your Experience.

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