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Milk'n'Honey Creatrix Team

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Aleksandra Maria Love

Vision & Facilitation

"I envision a world filled with juicy vibrant sensuous togetherness". You are so Invited into this world! I am a vision-keeper & creatrix of spaces of unashamed connection, intimacy & sacred s_x-positivity. I proudly stand in the purpose of bringing sacredness to matter & Eros. With me you can receive transmissions of permission, wilderness, sensuality, confidence in embodied presence, vibrancy of eros, big heart of Cosmic Mother compassion & soulful living. I'm dedicating my life to healing and transitioning towards the New Culture and ecstatic existence on Earth. I'm also an earthy mother of magical being Noa Gaia. 


Janka Jankiewicz

Production & Facilitation

Ecst@tic earth being, slow pleasure artist and subtle gravity alchemist. Deeply connected to nature. Facilitator on the path of Embodiment. Tribal experiences designer and performative creature. She speaks the language of sexual shamanism, tantra, creativity, somatic bodywork, conscious relationships, breath and energy work, deep femininity and womb wisdom. Trusting the Darkness as a medicine and homecoming.  Holding space for Dark Sisterhood mystery and DarkRoom circle experiences. Having background in the theatre, music and performance art. Fullfilling as a partner and a mother in a patchwork constellation.


Kasia Chojnacka 
Production & Facilitation

Volcano of colourful energy and unfiltered authenticity. Queer feminist, body-positive pleasure activist. Propagator of shameless fun and playfulness in spiritual growth. Self-seduction enthusiast, movement researcher, imagination & emotions explorer. Previously international startup growth manager, mindfulness teacher, and movement meditation facilitator at Google EMEA, currently social entrepreneur, self-love making artist, and creator of Czuła Rewolucja (Kind Revolution)


Marta Stoces

Production & Event Manager

Academy Of Fine Arts in Wrocław, PL graduate, London College Of Fashion ( Theatre Costume Design) and Central St Martin's College of Art & Design (Design For Performance) scholar, author of "Cult, camp & rock'n'roll" MA Thesis, and "Love.Revolution" - interdisciplinary mixed media social campaign to promote love project as diploma. Visual artist, set & costume designer with theater/live art background, art manager and event producer. Runs House Of Love Art&Fun Agency organizing various events (lately mainly self development, positive sexuality, holistic birth & parenting oriented), founder, organizer & producer of a holistic environment project : MAMA Global Healing. Mother of a home-born daughter, sex educator, promoter of conscious pregnancy and NVC based, attachment eco parenting. 

Temple Artists 2024

Michal Maayan Don


ISTA Facilitator, teacher, and priestess of feminine and spiritual evolution, leader of Israel's new womanhood movement, qualifying women circles facilitators. Founder of the school of feminine spirituality. Sexual shamanic priestess and healer, host of women's sacred sexuality ceremonies and workshops.


Simon Paul Sutton


Sexological bodyworker, sex educator, pleasure activist, transformational facilitator, trickster, and author, passionate about the power of transparent communication, sexual liberation and the shift that occurs spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically when we take radical responsibility for our lives and choose to sovereignly embody eros.

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Marta Ziółek


A talented choreographer and performer combining dance with painting, fashion, visual arts, and 90s music videos. She has performed on stages in Poland and abroad, for instance in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States.


Alma ∞ Omega

Dance & Ritual 

Alma ∞ Omega is a devout devotee to the unifying Power & liberating Magic of Music-Dance-Ritual for our Collective-Evolution. Every dance-floor is a temple, every dance-move a prayer, every beat is a remembrance to the One-Mother-Beat, if we allow it to be. For over 2 decades Alma's been dedicating her Life to weaving the transformational-forces of Music, Art, Embodied-dance & Earth-based-ritual: her mission is to open hearts/loins/lips/hips, and re-establish our connection with the Great Mother Earth & Universal Mother Kosmos, that we have the privilege & power to dance upon.


Kachenka Foltova 


I am an embodiment of sensual wild feminine, nourishing mother and space holder. As a tantra teacher, therapist and a modern day medicine woman I work with life force, trauma release and personal empowerment. I teach Ipsalu Tantric Kriya Yoga and hold retreats, where I initiate beings into the powerful Cobra Breath technique. I’m holding biodynamic breathwork cacao ceremonies, tantric seminars and retreats combining breathwork, tantra and medicine. I’m passionate about creating deeply
transformational spaces, merging ancient tantric knowledge with modern therapy and the wisdom of plant medicines".  



Asis Aviv Shalem

Facilitation & Performance

A rich witch, radical faerie, love priestexx, and a diva in service of the universe. Researcher of Spiritual Awakening and Gender Fluidity. Born and raised in Israel - Palestine. A gender-transcended Arab Jew. Facilitating self-expansion journeys, specializing in Non Violent communication and Voice Dialogue. Developer of the Shamanic Voice Dialogue method - a ceremonial way to access and heal the Sacred Wound, while using deep listening, gentleness, and radical acceptance of all of our inner selves. Creator of the YASSS QUEEN! movement. Empowering humans to evoke the hidden magic we inherited from our spectacular queer lineage. Here to celebrate one another as Queens among Queens! In service of the TRANS*MISSION - a ritual exploring the Mystery of gender, and its unique medicine for the human consciousness. Co-Founder of OMG! (Orgasmic Manifesting Goddexx). OMG! establishes a radical connection between the individual and the Goddexx. Embodying divinity in everyday life. Flowing in love with the juicy great mystery and playing around manifesting through pleasure, while laughing together at this huge joke we call life. A human on Earth. ISTA Apprentice Facilitator.


Aleksandra Viduta


Tantra massage therapist and breathworker. Creatrix of where she offers dakini sessions and facilitates tantra, movement, breath and bodywork workshops, as well as women circles and cacao ceremonies. She has been a part of Shachar Caspi’s Art of Love school (nowadays: Native) since 2015. Art of Love facilitator. Co-founder of The Sacred Sexuality Community in Poland. Started her spiritual path with the tantric buddhist lineage. Master of Communication at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. Graduated from School of Development of Consciousness in Denmark. Adept of Movement Theatre “Cynada”. Together with her son, she spent half a year in a Santo-Daime community in Brazil, where she attended and held space during the plant medicine ceremonies. Nature lover.


Yehoo Shalem

Live Music & Ritual

Singer-songwriter, middle eastern medicine musician, event producer, and devotee of Love. His music invites the listener into a mystical journey of remembrance, opening their hearts and bodies. Yehoo is currently traveling and offering concerts, singing circles, and his special creation: ‘Wine Ceremony’ - a night-long deep dive into sacred prayer, devotional music, high-quality wine, heart opening sharings, and deep revelations. Yehoo: “Most love songs in our world today are not really about love but rather about fear. I seek to sing about and invoke a new kind of love through my music and creation. Love that expands all who dare to feel it”


Maya Magdalena


Feminine embodiment guide, mystic seer and shamanic sexual somatic bodyworker, supporting you on your journey to freedom, embodied presence and erotic innocence. She has been studying at various modern days mystery schools, dedicated to Soul initiation, cosmology, mysteries of the body and deep feminine mysteries. She is passionate about breaking taboos, changing the way we treat our bodies and each other, paths of freedom and ecstatic human nature. Temple is where she feels at home the most. What she offers comes as synthesis of a decade of seeking, healing, studying and learning, transforming her own life at first - from trauma and disconnection to trust and pleasure. Currently based in Ibiza, working with women, men and couples. 


Roni Averashi


Certified somatic therapist, dedicated to men´s work, relating and a path of living an authentic, loving and transparent life. Music is his medicine and for many years he was one of the musicians in a group who guided plant medicine journeys. Over last 2 years he has graduated Somamystica™, studied Sacred Sexuality, studied and assisted at ISTA trainings and at “Emergence” - men's work groups. He loves seeing people expressing their vulnerability, heart´s melting and shields falling down. He has a big heart himself and loves to explore new depths of love and truth. He lives in Ibiza, together with his partner Maya and is a father of 2. He joined cum.what.may (Online circle for men and women that is all about sexuality)he sees the importance of it´s mission to destigmatize and unashame sexuality. As a father of 2, I really long to bring this message to younger generations, as I believe healing of the sexuality starts there.


Jan Górczak

Sacred Dance

Dancer, traveler, photographer, DJ, Co-creator of Awaken the Dancer, creator of Sacred Dance. A competitor and trainer of Dragon Boat European championships from 2017, with 10 years of experience. Jan is a dance passionate and various forms of movement development such as zouk, crossfit, movement (Ido Portal) and intuitive dance. In 2019, he was invited by the Sopot Dance Theater to participate in the TAB dance performance, which premiered in 2020 at the Sopot theater. For many years he has been traveling the world photographing, learning and practicing at dance, music and tantric festivals, among others. He is passionate about the diversity of culture and its impact on society as well as the role and functioning of man in an organized community. He loves to play complicated board games and create magic in his surroundings.


Daniel Berman


Creator of self growth spaces the programs and empowers people towards living better lives. Daniel leads the Ecstatic Dance movement in Israel, facilitates sex positive workshops for educational teams and connects people to their primal power through the Haka dance coming from the Maori culture in Aotearoa (New-Zealand).


Andreas Dreki


Andreas is a ceremonialist, initiating rituals of synergy between mind, heart & body in connection with ecological, communal & universal dynamics. For the last decade he has work with group all over the world and has also given individual sessions. He is certified CranioSacral- & Somato Emotional Release Therapist. Over the last four years he has been deeply immersed in the field of sexuality through International School of Temple Arts. And for the last three years, he has been living in the soul initiatory field at Highden Mystery School in New Zealand where he has also been part of archetypal work and sexual shamanic session work. And here also explored esoteric astrology, rayology, mythology and cosmology in connection with group dynamics. 


Mattea Luna

Live Music & Ritual

Mattea is a musician who is practicing the art of weaving magic through voice. She is encouraging the listener to gently soften and explore the depth of one’s own being. Her songs are equally powerful and full of tenderness sharing the journey of the heart and the beauty of being within constant change.

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Lenerd Louw


Lenerd achieved success in the business corporate world at a relatively young age. Then in 2013 after a big internal shift, he resigned as CEO of an insurance company in Cape Town South Africa. He sold and gave away most of his possessions and bought a backpack and a one way ticket to Lima in Peru. This started a five year journey of exploration and learning around the world. He visited five continents and 35 countries. His next destination was always the next most powerful learning opportunity he could find. He underwent and partook in numerous initiations, rituals, workshops and trainings across many areas, but specifically in spirituality and sexuality. His passion is vibrant and freely expressed sexuality. His wish is for everyone to be fully connected to their own sexual life force energy without any shame fear or guilt. He wants men and women to be on the journey of integrating their masculine and feminine energies within themselves. His dream is a a world of deep connection. Based on his own 18 year journey of being a multi orgasmic man, he would love for all men to explore this beautiful expansive potential. His memoir JUMP! – an epic soul and sex adventure was published in 2019 in South Africa. It covers his countless, colourful and deep learnings in a light, fun and easy to read way.

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Olga Pietkiewicz


I follow and  lead the feminine path of awakening, embodiment and radical feeling. I am #FeminineMysteries guide, sexual awakening facilitator, trauma practitioner and kundalini and nidra yoga teacher. Dedicated to exploring erotic mysticism, deep feminine essence, awakening intimacy and the gifts of darkness and totality.


Albert Bitton

Music & Facilitation

 An artist, community manifestor, dreamer, Shamanic medicine practitioner, sex-positive space initiator, producer of transformational events, incurable romantic, a man of many traits...Co-creator of Nature Temple splash & Power of Eros. Albert brings a fusion of his experiences and different social circles in his life to a transmission that weaves both depth and lightness. The sorcerer of the enhanced cacao, creating super ecstatic experience combining plant medicine knowledge with delicious raw cacao. At the end of 2014, he moved to Berlin following his heart, unfolding his spiritual, sexual, and shamanic transformation. Starting in the shadowy S+ and BDSM communities in Berlin, growing into the integrated and conscious Sacred Sexuality. His life philosophy is to grow from challenges by meeting them face-to-face. After several journeys to the Amazon jungle in Peru, he found profound love, choosing love as his way to meet life! 

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Kaviar Dragón

Team Coordinator

Kaviar is a lover, a dancer, a vessel for transmitting and expanding consciousness, and a creator. With a background in medical sciences and anatomy, Kaviar then found yoga and Tantra. His spiritual path became his true calling, as a wanderlust, change maker, and community organizer. Currently based in Mazunte, Mexico and born & raised in Brooklyn and Queens, New York, Kaviar is a facilitator, organizer and supporter at several trainings, festivals and events in Latin America, the United States and Europe, with workshops and events ongoing, including: organizing and facilitating Touch&Play Mexico, Awakening Sense retreat. Certified in teaching Tantra and Hatha yoga (400hr RYT), and experienced and practicing in other trainings and techniques (ISTA Practitioner Trained, Osho, Thai Yoga Massage, Contact Improvisation); Kaviar continues to offer vectors for healing and expansion with a heart to the divine.

To learn more visit: @KaviarDragon (Instagram)

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Monika Moskwa

Decoration Artist

She grew up on stage and behind the scenes, where she explored life through
all human senses. The world of art is her natural space. Once a professional dancer and dance teacher, now a choreographer, director, costume designer, craftsman, and interior and space decorator. A graduate of the State Ballet School in Poznań, the Academy of Music in Warsaw, and the Higher School of Art in Warsaw. Academic lecturer in the field of design and implementation of stage costumes. 3 years on the tantric path. She conducts meditation through the senses. “In entering a deep state of mindfulness, focusing on ourselves, in feeling the body, we are helped by our senses, which are like gates opening us to the world and the world to us. Sensitizing through the senses is the medicine that I share, and Sensual Feeding is my middle name.

Thrilled to co-create this magic with you!


~ soak in erotic abundance ~

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